Day 1 – March 20, 2021

Choral Pedagogy

William Sauerland (he/them) offers a day-long introductory course on teaching trans(gender) and gender expansive singers. Setting the stage for a two-day workshop with The Voice Lab, Dr.
Sauerland provides valuable information about the experiences and perspectives of gender
expansive vocalists. Dr. Sauerland’s workshop is geared towards choral conductors and voice
teachers, providing a broad range of tools, exercises, and practices appropriate for the choral
setting and applied studio. Informed through personal experience and data drawn from the
presenter’s research, this interactive clinic guarantees to impart the fundamentals of gender
expansive vocal and choral pedagogy for vocal music teachers

Day 2 – 4 March 21-23, 2021

Applied Voice Pedagogy

The Voice Lab, Inc. co-founders Liz Jackson Hearns (she/her/they/them) and Alexandra Plattos
Sulack (she/her) guide singing teachers through this in-depth and interactive training experience in voice pedagogy for transgender and non-binary students. Topics include considerations for voice range and repertoire, hormone therapy for singers, techniques for gender-perceived voice, and general voice health. Attendees will also participate in demonstrations of singing voice masculinization and feminization techniques through master classes and break-out sessions.