Cascade Chapter

What is NATS?

NATS is an acronym for National Association of Teachers of Singing. It is an organization that was formed in the 1940’s to uphold their mandate of quality vocal teaching in the United States.  NATS is now the largest singing teachers’ association in the world with members in over 25 countries. The headquarters of the National Association is in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Mission Statement

To encourage the highest standards of the vocal art and of ethical principles in the teaching of singing; and to promote vocal education and research at all levels, both for the enrichment of the general public and for the professional advancement of the talented.
Why should I join?
NATS strives to be a resource for both voice teachers, beginning voice teachers, choral conductors, and those who work in the field of voice including everyone from actors to speech-language pathologists.There are different levels of membership: Full membership  to affiliate membership.  Visit the Membership page for more information.

Looking for a Voice Teacher?

Find a voice teacher in SW Washington or Oregon area, by accessing the profiles of teachers accepting students on the National NATS site. To find a comprehensive list of local teachers, simply enter any city and choose “Oregon” or “Washington” from the drop-down list.  You don’t need to enter the country.

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